How to reduce heat risk in fragile product packaging?

How to Reduce Heat Risk in Fragile Product Packaging?

In Summer time, the heat is intense and so is the work at the shipment yards. For owners looking to transport fragile products, increased heat is an issue of concern. Packed products to prevent them from solar thermal, will be a difficult task. Can often be seen box is located on the shipping terminal for a few days or a few weeks. Package around the product should be sustainable enough to protect from the effects of extreme summer. If you are loading terminal staff, you can never be too careful case non-physical items. Thus, preventive measures are more informed in a timely manner. Here are a few helpful suggestions, keep your fragile products safe from the outside hot.

1. Insulation of Food Boxes:

Compared with other products, boxes containing food items tend to be in greater peril against the heat. Although dried foods, such as lentils, beans and rice are better than other foods, but they still suffer the effects of the Sun's rays. You won't want to include fish, meat, chocolate or candy boxes sit in the Sun for a long period of time. For this type of food, you definitely need to take extra precautions. Therefore, if you plan to ship a box containing a fragile food, then you should be carried out in an insulated container. Even if the food does not have a separate insulation, you should at least consider to insulated transportation containers.

Insulation of Food Boxes

2. Fragile Products Pertaining Heat Risk:

The list of vulnerable products is not just food. Many non-food items may be affected by the Sun's rays damage. For example, a delicate glass ornaments, candles, vulnerable wood products, chemicals, paint and more. Therefore, if your product has a tendency to melt or fracture, then the transport boxes by default printed as "Fragile" or "Do not put under the Sun" is a good idea.

Fragile Products Pertaining Heat Risk

3. Picking Adhesives:

We usually see, most adhesive is a good non-conductor of heat. These are usually configured to withstand extreme temperatures on either side of the scale. Although, exceptions can be found, in this case, there are certain types of adhesives tend to melt in the Sun. If you use melting of the adhesive in the shipping container, may result in exposing your delicate items in summer temperatures. Therefore, to check for your adhesive is a good idea before time.

Picking Adhesives

4. Double Wall Boxes:

You can double wall your box, this means that you can install an extra lining in your box. Although, this is not your final solution to your risk of heat, but still provides a certain degree of protection. Shanghai Custom Packaging supply double wall, even triple wall corrugated box in Shanghai.

Double Wall Boxes

5. Packing Peanuts:

Place the products at the Centre of a large cardboard box, which you can fill packing peanuts on the side. These are also known as styrofoam popcorn, they guarantee the safety of your product, keep it intact and free of charge. Packing peanuts have a different quality, so don't go for cheap flimsy ones.

Packing Peanuts

6. Frozen Ice:

If you do not deliver any food, you can also fill your shipping box with frozen ice packs or dry ice. These will not damage your product or shipping box.

Frozen Ice

7. Heavy Duty Cartons:

You can use heavy or large packaging cartons, to protect your fragile items from the sun irritation.

Heavy Duty Cartons


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