Impact of box packaging on your startup business.

How Box Packaging Can Impact Your Startup Business?

When you start your new business, you should be aware of the various stages and characteristics from promotion to packaging. It is understandable that when you start looking at the custom box Shanghai, your imagination will bolster with the number of possibilities. Therefore, it is important to understand the design and printing process. The right way to pack your product can have a significant impact on the promotion and sale of your product. As a result, we have written several features that will help you keep track of your design and print sorting for custom printed paper box.

1. Study the Market

Before deciding how to package their products, the first thing any new business should do is to research the market and compete from now on. This can be viewed online or through a local store. When you are looking for a store do not miss looking at the packaging materials for packaging products. Look at the competitor's product box shape, size and design. This experience can be used for your own product packaging design inspiration.

Once you have determined the total cost and time required to produce the product, you will be more likely to compare what is there. Once you decide how your product is packed, you will feel more confident about what is worth of your money. If you have any questions about printing the box, please contact your hired company for printing. They are more likely to suggest you and guide you in the right direction.

2. Choose Your Own Artwork

There are three basic methods for you to choose to print in your box, for example:

  • flexo printing (1 ~ 3 colors printed directly on the box)
  • Digital printing (full-color images printed directly on the box)
  • offset printing (high-resolution graphics printed on paper and then applied outside the box)

The quality of the artwork you choose to print on the box depends on the printing options you choose. If you have fully designed your logo, then it's just a matter of choosing the right size and color. On the other hand, if you plan to start designing your logo from scratch, it is recommended that you contact your printer for advanced professional guidance.

3. Ease to Choose

The first thing that attracts any customer to the product is its ease of use. Whenever you sell a product, you want it to be easy to use, even if it's packaged. In many cases, the customer will select an item because it is easy to use. This includes all the useful features, such as making the product more marketable and making sure its packaging box is easy to open.

4. Make Your First Impression the Last with Luxurious Box Packaging

This is a known fact that most start-ups these days do not have a lot of budget to use. In the long run, it will not hurt you if you decide to spend more in the box. You will see the return on your efforts in sales. Although you can choose the simplest and humble packaging box for your product. You can give extra luxury to your products by paying more attention to print details and high-quality materials of the custom printed packaging boxes.

5. Bring Out Your Creative Self

When it comes to your first wrapper as a novice, it's time to mention your creativity. This is a guarantee that when you are going to create a packaging container that nobody has ever produced, you should stand out of the crowd. This will make your own unique image in the market, your box packaging design will become your identity. If you pack so much thought, it will tell the customer how much detail you have. This will make it more likely that consumers will choose your product rather than another product.

6. Looking for Designing Advice

It's easy to be tempted by a limited budget, choose a simple design for your packaging, or do it yourself, or have an employee do it for you. Now a lot of box packaging company has a professional customer representative processing. These professionals are trained to provide packaging or print recommendations based on your needs. Shanghai custom packaging has professional packaging experts can help you design custom packaging box for your business products, inquiry to us now by send email with your requirements to


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