Why use Die-cut boxes for packing your products?

Why Should You Use Die Cut Boxes as Your Packaging Solution?

Die-cut boxes are liked by many consumers, because they can be the perfect fit for your product in the form of design. These are made using prefabricated cutting machine, in full compliance with your requirements. The process is very similar to cookie cutter works, it will be your design printed on corrugated board. That makes each box is completely different from the other. It is design flexibility make it suitable for your products are so accurate. These box packaging designs are only limited to your imagination of the designer.

Die-cut box is very useful. If you plan to look spectacular in a way to show your product, this is you need to use the box. These boxes are used in many things such as watches, jewelry, hair extension, soap, and so on. Custom die-cut box is designed specifically for your product an attractive appearance. These can also be used as a gift box of all occasions, every time your product in their perfection. Wrapping paper is not used, even if you use die-cut boxes. Here are a few benefits, and why you should use die-cut box as your packaging solutions.

1. Can Reduce the Delivery Costs

Custom die-cut box in Shanghai is designed specifically for your product, so they require less packaging material, in case of weak or fragile items. Because of these material properties, custom die-cut box substantially lower transportation costs than other molds.

2. Products Attractive in the Consumer Market

The boxes printed with your company logo and marketing slogan, highlight the highlight of your product at each step. In the visibility of the product you want to add an extra buzz, without having to pay too much of the advertising for the product box, you can create a beautiful and memorable designs. For example, no matter where you are in the world, you'll recognize Imperial Leather soap box for their specific style.

3. Add Protection for Delicate Products

Custom box are designed to include increased protection for your product. Here are reasons why you should join the added protection.

• Packaging material can maintain the freshness of the food, may arrive at the destination on the way may be overflowing or damaged items taste, a waterproof barrier. The solution can also maintain the shelf life of perishable goods.

• Die-cut boxes can reduce electronic product, glass product, the risk of hair damage, and other vulnerable or rupture.

You should use a custom die-cut box the main reason was to reduce overhead costs, and enhance your public image in the eyes of consumers.

4. Environmental Friendly

We recommend that you select environmentally friendly materials for your custom die cut boxes. This will enable your company to reduce impact on the environment. For the box with your choice of green materials are not only good for mother earth, and it will add spice to your company's reputation with the stars. You can choose a well known professional company design your customized box to enjoy the widest possible choice. Such as purchase Shanghai Custom boxes from Shanghai Custom Packaging. Custom die-cut boxes are actually changing the world around us. More and more people are choosing their packaging can be recycled. A few decades ago, people throw away their boxes. But for now, people like to recycle their boxes at home rather than put them in a box. Here are some ideas that you can reuse them for your home decoration.

Re-use Custom Die-Cut Boxes for Home Decorations

1. Bring Light to Your Home

If you are a candle company, so we have an idea, you will brighten up your packaging experience. Obtain a suitable box at the bottom of the candle. At the side of the box printing instructions, so that consumers can cut into the box and the fold into the shape of Lantern. Proposed that the words "lantern" instructions printed on the box or can be involved in decorative cuts and folds. For customers with little effort can be appreciated.

2. The Perfect Fit

If you are shipping shoes, you probably have think about what your shoe box should look like. In the shoe box if you were in your for your customers to create a "circle" hooks. Consumers can use these boxes hanging on the wall, and use it to store your scarves and pocket squares or belt. This could be an incredibly useful tool for your customers and a positive note, your customers will see your logo every day.

3. Die Cut Planters

For many years, people know more and more about environment, therefore more seeds and small plants shipping is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Custom die-cut boxes are perfect for this type of shipment. These popular ideas is their sustainability in the box, easy recycling and they provide protection for plants. Die-cut box is a common choice plants, because these boxes can be a good air conditioning and therefore protect plants from damage. You can print a cardboard and plants inside the box feeding instructions, information about sun exposure and how many times should you give it. On top of the cardboard, you can print your logo as your customer's brand awareness. For fun, you can make available to consumers around the incision in the base of the pot.


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