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what is UV finish?

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Brief Introduction

UV printing is completely different from typical printing in some ways. it's still ink on paper however the ink dries, through a very completely different method. rather than having solvents within the ink that evaporate into the air and absorb into the paper, ultraviolet radiation inks dry through a process method. once the inks area unitexposed to ultraviolet lights they flip from a liquid, or paste, to a solid. there's considerably less evaporation of solvents and much less absorption of the ink into the stock.


The ink does not dry - such as on a sheet of paper - to the surrounding air, but is cured immediately after application to the surface of the printing substrate (substrate) with ultraviolet light. The dried ink has a slightly satin appearance that a printed paper quality very close to that. This results in a disadvantage in durability under sunlight or adverse weather conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages of direct printing


• low cost (by printing directly on the material is no further processing such. B. Lamination required)

• high numbers due to low production time (see first point) possible

• high flexibility of printing materials

• Pressure on structured materials (eg. B. Warzenblech) possible

• very high maximum pressure level (about 10 cm)

• White ink as covering / metro or spot color


• no protection against mechanical stress as laminated materials

• mostly limited panel size (common UV-direct printers usually have only a maximum print size of 3.20 m × 2.05 m)

• without lamination or varnishing no change in the surface appearance possible.


The durability of the UV direct printing according to the present standard is given as two to three years outdoors. However, an essential component of this durability specifications is also the choice of material. Depending on the weather and climatic influences, after which time the pressure because the ink is on the material and down. A color fading is almost impossible due to the current knowledge.

Common print materials

• PVC rigid foam panels (forex)

• aluminum composite panels (Dibond)

• hollow panels, especially for short-term missions such. B. Elections suitable

• PETG (similar polycarbonate)

• Wood

• metal

• cardboard

• Acrylic / plexiglass / mirror / glass (liability must be ensured by an adhesive primer or special inks. The primer is a streaking not completely excluded)

Through the role of some option Direct printer, it is possible to print and classic roll materials such as paper or tarpaulin materials with a direct printer. Especially in the area of short-term fair use this manufacturing method can also be used in classic presentation media such as folding walls. The advantage here lies in the complete drying of the ink prior to further processing. This makes it possible to save time in processing.

Manufacturers of Direct printing machines

Meanwhile UV direct printers are offered by almost all known printer manufacturers. In essence, the machinery of the major manufacturers differ by the achievable print resolution, white printing / coating option, the role option and the maximum print size. In 2010, the print quality of the major manufacturers has increased to an almost equal level. It is anticipated that the next step will be the achievable square power while maintaining print quality. This has almost doubled in the past two years in 2008.

Another particularly characteristic are the various safety precautions to the printer that prevent and prevent the operator is exposed to the UV light from the lamps directly z. B. bruises. The uncured inks, which are used as aerosol in the environment, a considerable danger. An extensive protection against the "Ink-Misting" (ink mist) is imperative.

Print quality

The initial print quality of UV direct pressure was strongly inferior to the conventional solvent printing on vinyl film (for z. B. yard signs). This was a maximum of 300 dpi before the end of 2006. In 2008, the maximum achievable printing resolution is increased to 1,440 dpi. This way high quality photo prints for. Example on acrylic or Aluverbundmaterialien are possible. The print quality is now therefore the conventional printing hardly gradually is often used precisely because of the glazed surface of the print for decoration products.

What our company's advantage?

shanghai custom packaging have several printing machines, in order to meet customer's different request. the UV varnish is a complicated process, however some process has been handled by machine many years ago, meanwhile other factories still use hand work.

we have 3 times checking on the UV file, and engineer engaged in accurate UV spot on the box.

here are some example products for you a better understanding:

Glass Packaging Box with rope handle SPOT UV VARNISHING

Black TELESCOPE Packing Box for Camera


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