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what is matt finish?

matt finish could be divided for marr lamination and matt varnish.

MATT LAMINATION… is employed extensively on booklet or report covers, making a 'plasticy' matt end. The down facet is that it will be liable to finger-marking and scratching. a preferred use is to matt laminate and 'spot' ultraviolet light varnish to make a matt and gloss distinction.

MATT VARNISHING is a packaging varnish Hawkeye State a liquid coating applied to written box surface once the coated poster board is litho written.

Varnishes work well with oil and acrylic because the paint films are relatively thick and separate from the surface. Varnishes do not work well with Gouache, water colour and drawings because the varnish will be deeply absorbed by the paint and/or paper, becoming an integral part of the picture and could cause discolouration. In addition, varnishes on works created using Gouache, water colour and drawing cannot be removed.

Above may be a luxury cardboard gift box, matte red, with the high impact spot ultraviolet illumination varnishing for the brand image.
Speical blessings
1. printer's ink dries quicker.
2. Rub resistant by preserve the ink beneath a protecting coating. Protects the ink from rubbing off once the written box is subjected to rough handling.
3. Provides a swish and consistent texture to the box surface with a nice tactile expertise. 
Matte Varnishing
A matte varnish provides the written box a non-glossy, swish even surface free from shine. This matte end on the written box adds to the sensation of luxury. it's the foremost common end utilized in the posh packaging of the cosmetics and jewellery merchandise and etc once the vendor needs to impart a luxury quality feel to the potential customers.


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