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Stand out your candy at retail shelf with custom printed candy boxes

Candies are mostly consumed by kids and it is hard to attract kids without attractive , decent and shinning packaging. It’s imperative for candy suppliers to have good looking and alluring candy boxes. Shanghai Custom Packaging provides gorgeous custom candy boxes which not only attract customers but also saving your packaging costs, then increase your sales. We have professional packaging designers and experts to build the model of your boxes according to the variety of your products. Through our designing and printing, we build the positive image of your candy brand to catch the eyes of customers. Our well designed wrapping material always gives a lasting impact on the minds of customers.

Superbly designed candy boxes for your products

Shanghai Custom Packaging is an experienced supplier of custom candy boxes. We produce environment friendly wrapping at low price and good quality. We design each box according to the nature and taste of the product. Different cardboard designs are constructed for different flavors like chocolate, strawberry, chewy and milk etc. Beautifully designed boxes on special occasions like Christmas, Easter and birthday are made in conformity with your specifications. Different embellishments including ribbons, bows, paper flowers and greeting cards are attached to the boxes to make them beautiful. We custom made packaging by printing your design with logo on candy boxes, but if you are new in the market, we have a team of experts to make innovative design of your box that will put you in competition with major suppliers in the industry. We offer rigid cardboard boxes, Kraft boxes, and corrugated boxes for your exciting candy products.

Professionally designed custom made candy boxes

Design and material of custom boxes is very important to boost the sales of candies. Customized candy boxes are required to be attractive and sturdy enough to preserve the soft candy. For this reason cardboard material is used to make them attractive and corrugated boxes prove protective for candies. In addition to these materials, Kraft paper wrapping also proves useful for candies. A professionally designed candy case is constructed with required materials to fulfill the need of the product. Chocolate candies are one of the most likable candies. They are packed in flashy and strikingly printed boxes. Strawberry candies have specific color with strawberry shade. Professionally designed prints like Embossing, debossing, foiling and die cut with window or handle on cardboard box give an innovative image to your brand.

If you have an order as wedding favors or for candies as birthday gifts, attractive boxes are a must for all. We provide cheap candy boxes for our customers regarding any special occasion. Email us at to book your order for candy boxes.

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